Reinhold Weiss


Permanent Table Lighter by Reinhold Weiss

Reinhold Weiss (1934-) is a German-born industrial designer who lives in Evanston, Illinois. With Jurgen Greubel, Weiss was part of Dieter Rams’s team at Braun in Frankfurt, Germany, creating products now considered icons of the Functionalist school of industrial design. Weiss’s designs for Braun include the following:

  • HT1 Toaster, 1961[4];
  • HL1 Desk Fan, 1961;[5]
  • HL1/11 Tabletop fan, 1961;[1]
  • HE1 Kettle, 1962[6];
  • HLD 23/231 Hair Dryer, 1964;[1]
  • KSM 1 Coffee Grinder, 1967;[1]
  • H7 Heater, 1967;[1]
  • HL70 Desk Fan (with Jurgen Greubel), 1971[7]; and
  • KMM 1/121 Coffee Grinder (with Hartiwg Kahloooke), 1975.[5]
  • BRAUN TFG 1 Permanent Table Lighter, 1960’s.

Examples of Weiss’s designs are in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, The Indianapolis Museum of Art, and the Israel Museum.

References & Further Reading


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