P.B. Ale Silverplate Mug

PB Ale Mug

This pre-prohibition mug advertises “P.B. Ale,” the “purest and best” product brewed by the Van Nostrand/Bunker Hill Brewery in Charlestown, Massachusetts and once the favorite beer of Boston. The brewery was founded in 1821 by John Cooper and Thomas Gould, with William Van Nostrand acquiring an interest in 1860. Under Van Nostrand’s guidance the brewery greatly expanded its operations and range. Later, the company was renamed the Bunker Hill Brewery and enjoyed continued success. Until Prohibition closed its doors in 1919, it was Boston’s oldest continuously operating brewery.

The silverplate mug was fabricated by Manning Bowman & Co., founded in 1832. The company was named for Edward Manning and Robert Bowman, members of a group from Meriden, Conn. who bought the company in 1872. The Manning-Bowman Co. was subsequently purchased in 1941 by Bersted Manufacturing of Fostoria, Ohio, and again sometime circa 1960 by the McGraw Edison Co.

For a gallery of items, images, and ephemera associated with P.B. Ale, please visit: http://www.pinterest.com/thatobject/pb-ale/

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