Georg Jensen vs. Jorgen Jensen

Jensen CandleholderThe above pewter candlesticks are the work of Jorgen Jensen (1931- ), known for his modern designs in jewelry and housewares. His work is often confused with that of Georg Jensen (1866 – 1935), a master silversmith; however, other than the possibility that Jorgen may have worked for a time in the Georg Jensen studio (well after Georg’s death), there is no relationship between the two men or their workshops. Further confusing the issue is that Georg Jensen had a son named Jorgen.

For the most part, the works of the two men are readily distinguished; Georg Jensen worked mostly in sterling and gold, while Jorgen Jensen’s work was almost always in pewter. Furthermore, Jorgen Jensen was active in the 1960’s and much of his work, particularly his necklaces and jewelry, reflects the aesthetic of those times.

For a gallery showcasing and contrasting the work of Georg and Jorgen Jensen, see:

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