La Mirada Pottery (1935 – 1939) & Cecil Jones (1869-1948)

La Mirada Vase

Cecil Jones (1869 – 1948)  founded La Mirada pottery in Los Angeles, California, in 1935. The company produced Chinese Modern style decorative items like vases, bowls, planters, and figurines featuring brightly colored crackle glazes. Common colors include chartreuse, yellows, and a range of brilliant blues, often enriched by browns or deep purples.

La Mirada also produced items in conjunction with Pennsylvania’s Wendell August Forge. which opened in 1932. These pieces were generally a brilliant turquoise which complemented the forge’s repoussé tin products.

Jones himself was a talented English ceramicist who studied at the Colebrookdale School of Art in Shropshire, England. He later served as headmaster there before emigrating to America in 1913. He subsequently worked at the Zanesville Pottery in Ohio.

In 1933, along with P.H. Genter, J.B. Hunt, and Eric Hellman, Jones created the Broadmoor Art Pottery in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This pottery closed and operations were moved to Denver sometime around 1936.

Thomas F. Hamilton purchased La Mirada in 1939 and renamed it American Ceramic Products. The La Mirada pieces were discontinued.

A gallery of La Mirada pottery, including pieces made in conjunction with the Wendell August Forge, may be found at:

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