Lulu Verharen Lavell (1877-1976)

A cast-iron thermomter case by Lulu Verharen Lavell, offered by TreasurePicker on Etsy

Lulu Verharen Lavell was born Lulu Maude Verharen in 1877 in Spencer, Iowa.  She appears to have studied art and medicine at the University of Minnesota before marrying Richard Lavell of Minneapolis in May of 1906.

Apparently widowed young, with two small daughters to support, Lavell created the Minneapolis Candle Company. Between 1921 and about 1928 she patented and produced some 50 different designs for cast iron doorstops, candle holders, thermometer cases, cake rings, mantle clamps, ash trays, card table markers, and the like. These items are often Christmas themed or floral and marked “LVL” on the back.

A gallery of some of Lulu Verharen Lavell’s designs may be found here:

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