Art Deco Swallows Pin Dish by Jobling Glass, England

Jobling Bird

At first blush, this pin dish appears to be French Sabino glass. It is decorated with the familiar swallow pattern, still in production today in opalescent glass. This dish, though, is made of frosted glass rather than opalescent. It lacks any type of mark (vintage Sabino pieces are typically marked in the center, with either “Sabino France” or “Sabino Paris,”) and at three inches across, it is smaller than any example of Sabino currently available. Some vintage Sabino pin dishes may be 3.5 inches across, but this one scarcely measures three.

I believe this piece was actually made in England by the Jobling glass company. Reference is apparently made to a three-inch swallow pin tray in its 1937 catalog. Jobling Glass produced high-quality, lovely, and inexpensive art glass pieces for a brief period between 1930 and World War II. Many of these pieces are in the collection of the National Glass Centre in Sunderland.

Jobling Glass obtained the European licence for Pyrex heatproof glass in 1921 and continued its manufacture at their Sunderland factory until its closure in 2007.

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