Cup and Saucer painted by Helena Wolfsohn for Ovington Brothers

Wolfsohn cup

This hand painted cup and saucer dates from about 1847. The set was manufactured by Carl Tielsch and Company, painted by Helena Wolfsohn, and sold at Ovington Brothers in New York. The saucer bears three marks, discussed below:

  • A “C.T.” under a spread eagle. This mark was used by Carl Tielsch and Company before 1850.
  • A cursive “D” mark under a three-pronged crown. This mark was used by outside painter Helena Wolfsohn from 1843 to 1878; and
  • An “Ovington Brothers Company” circular blue stamp with “New York” in the middle.

Ovington Brothers China and Glass was founded by Theodore and Edward Ovington in 1843. The first shop was in Brooklyn, New York. The brothers moved to a second Brooklyn location in 1879, though that building was destroyed by fire in 1884. In 1895 the company re-opened at 58 Flatbush Avenue and also opened a shop on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. The Brooklyn Eagle published a fantastic piece about the Ovington family in 2012. A link to that article can be found below.

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