Paul Mayen (1918-2000)

Mayen plantersThese aluminum, brass-tone, and chrome planters were designed by Paul Mayen for Habitat. Born in Spain in 1918,  he was trained in New York city, first studying painting at the Art Students League and later earning a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from the Cooper Union and a Master’s degree from Columbia. He also taught courses in advertising design at the Cooper Union and New School.

According to his obituary, Mayen was a founder of Habitat, Intrex, and Architectural Supplements, Inc. He is known for clever, minimalist designs in aluminum, chrome, glass and wood. Two of Mayen’s designs are in the permanent collection of the Industrial Design department at the Museum of Modern Art.

Mayen was the designer and architect for the Fallingwater guest pavilion and gift shop, built in 1979. Frank Lloyd Wright created Fallingwater for Edgar Kauffman, Sr., the father of Mayen’s life partner, Edgar Kauffman, Jr. One of Mayen’s sculptures rests on a coffee table in Fallingwater’s living room.

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