Ingrid Atterberg


Ingrid Atterberg (1920 – 2008) was a Swedish ceramicist known for her experimental glazes and finishes. She was hired by Upsala-Ekeby in 1944 and quickly became one of their premiere designers. The vase pictured here is from her Corso line, which features brown stoneware with deep incised lines in geometric patterns and hand painted accents. Her other lines include:

Grafika, hand-painted black, grey and white designs on redware;

Spiral, white and toffee-colored handpainted stripes spiraling across or around a deep chocolate ground;

Pronto, a bold design in black and white with criss-crossing lines;

Manet, with hand painted fish and other natural forms in shades of brown, yellow, black, and white;

Yondel, featuring a dark chocolate dotted glaze paired with a toasted yellow;

Inka/Inca, a stoneware line with white stripes incised or painted on a terracotta-colored ground;

Negro, featuring handpainted incised marks in a deep chocolate ground;

Smogen, an earthenware line with a blue-green top glaze and a clear glaze on the underside; and

Mimosa, with highly stylized hand painted natural patterns in glossy red, green, gold, white, and brown paired with black (often with a white interior)

A gallery of her designs can be viewed on our Pinterest page.

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